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HeartBoxGames Opportunity for indie mobile games developers

We are mobile game enthusiasts from all over the world, developers, artists, user acquisition specialists, and more. We love making games and helping mobile game developers showcase their best talent to the world.
We believe in personal growth within a strong collective where the vision is common and shared. We align everyone’s interests and offer our passionate, committed, and talented creators a unique opportunity to reach the next level while being backed by a collaborative and supportive environment and business model.

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HeartBoxGames Dream Big Dream Loud Make a Hit Game
't be alone, we got you covered

Tremendous focus on key factors.

We not only provide tools, methods, and a strong network, we create an innovative model where relationships, mindset, and framework take on another dimension for your success.


We believe that bringing together the best talent around a common and shared vision is one of the keys to success, perseverance, gaining expertise, and having fun.


We believe in a more supportive model to allow a better focus on individual talents of each person while securing the comited creators to the collective effort.


We believe in a sense of belonging. The creators who are selected for our batches are part of a family. They collaborate, support each other, share income… and meet each other in real life, we invite them for a unique experience. 

Innovative model,
you can love
anytime, anywhere.

The rise of mobile gaming transforms the way we consume content and play and how games themselves are created and funded.

Increase revenue

We get the best out of each game thanks to our KPI optimization tools, self-publishing methods, and network of the best publishers.

All for one and one for all

We motivate creators and adequately align their interests by ensuring that they are remunerated on their games and the others in their batch.

Best reward method

We give bonuses to our most involved and or successful game creators through a positive competition, in which we reward commitment, achievement, and attitude.

Be ready to skyrocket at the next level with your unique program.

Be ready to skyrocket
at the next level
with your unique program.

Master the latest tools, become more efficient in ideation, execution and KPI optimizations. 
And prepare yourself for the launch of your next successful Hyper Casual game.

Why should you
to work with us?

We transform the way mobile games are created and funded. We are providing a unique program designed by mobile games creators for mobile games creators.


Know the mobile games market inside out, become an expert in understanding players and trends to develop the most innovative and exciting ideas.


Get the best skills to gain efficiency and clarity on the architecture of your projects and the modularity of your gameplay creations and meta-features.


Learn how to fully optimize key performance indicators to get the most out of each game and generate the best margins, alone or with a significant partner.

Tools & Methods

Master the Hyper Casual game creation, learn and use methods to gain modularity, agility, and outperform in the production and optimization of your concepts.


Get the most out of yourself, the other creators in your batch, and the top experts in this thriving, opportunity-driven industry.

Solidarity & Support

For six months, our batches benefit from daily support, a dynamic environment, and a fair and collaborative business model.

Ultimate features we built

We have brought together the best solutions to meet the growing needs and frustrations of ambitious and committed mobile game creators.

Unity Assets

We have united our best assets and models to create quality prototypes with a pleasant, fluid and well designed user experience from the very first tests.

Theory & Practice

We all share our experiences, knowledge and help each other for 6 months.
We deliver numerous studies on the market, on the tested games, and their data.

Game Tech Tools

We develop built-in tools to facilitate the creation of multiple gameplay and integration of analytics and monetization services, to apply the best strategies.


We set up a program based on collaboration, solidarity and shared learning. We involve the best players in the market and create an ambitious experience.

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Frequently asked questions

We transform the way mobile games are created and funded.
We are providing a unique program designed by mobile games creators for mobile games creators.

Why do game creators care?

Junior game developers face a very challenging market.

Sometimes they find success thanks to lucking, but rarely with a disciplined entrepreneurial approach. Most of them have none of the business acumen needed to navigate the publishing ecosystem. They aren’t sufficiently concentrated on KPIs to rapidly test game concepts and then head to the next if they don’t work. They don’t have the financing or knowledge needed to promote and distribute their games the right way. And so they regularly go to publishers who currently have the market monopolized, there discovering a complex, elitist environment that quickly becomes very frustrating. 

Why do game publishers care?

Publishers need a constant output of new games.

As everyone knows, it’s all about numbers and volume, and they’d love to increase their volume. Our batches can provide them with a constant stream of pre-approved games with (very) high success potential that meet their expectations. We know them all very well, which is why we join together in batches to combine our strengths and talents and help each other achieve the best success.

Why do investors and sponsors care?

Investors and sponsors of our batches are looking for a project with high growth potential and substantial added value.

They mainly contribute to the financing of marketing tests. Allowing us to quickly analyze the performance of each game tested and make better decisions to achieve success. Hyper Casual games are a business model more than a genre. Only data and execution will allow to outperform together.

Why do hit game creators care?

Authors of successful games are happy to share their experiences, tips, and anecdotes because they have been there, experienced the difficulties and pleasures, and joys of game prototyping.

What are the conditions for applying to the program?

We welcome applications from passionate Hyper Casual game developers who are experienced with Unity, motivated by their success, and willing to get involved as the other selected developers.

Possible languages:

1. English

2. French

3. Russian (coming soon)

Click on the “Apply now” button below to apply.

How much does it cost?

If you are selected to participate in one of our batches, you will be mentored for six months and become part of a group of 10 creators determined to succeed, free of charge.

You can earn cash rewards each month based on your commitment to your batch and the performance of your games.

You can earn most of the revenue from your games and a portion of the income from other games in your batch.