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Mobile games are booming and we are delighted to actively contribute to the entertainment of a growing population whose demand is increasing every year.

So, we are developing many casual and hyper-casual titles around different gameplay to improve and learn more about our passion every day, and offering millions of players around the world a rich, innovative, and quality gaming experience for free.
And, we are on our way to create the next hit game, the one that will stimulate your curiosity, surprise and amaze you the most as well as give you your dopamine and fun shot every time you need a break in your day.

Since the beginning, our titles have been among Apple’s new favorite games, have been featured in over 50 countries, and have allowed us to interact and partner with some of the most inspiring industry leaders. We want to take it to the next level and get tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of people playing and loving our games around the world!

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On one hand, it has never been easier to create the idea you have in mind, especially on mobile and even from scratch.
On the other hand, it has never been so difficult to find (and execute well) the next great idea that will arouse everyone’s curiosity and captivate their attention for hours and hours.

We learn a lot from your feedback. So don’t hesitate to download our games, to leave a comment and to participate in the journey. Thank you (:

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Cannes, HeartBoxGames, jeux vidéo mobiles, jeux, vidéo, mobiles, ios, android
Cannes, HeartBoxGames, jeux vidéo mobiles, jeux, vidéo, mobiles, ios, android